1127 - The Changing Care Delivery Environment: Using the Web EHR to Coordinate Care and Manage Your Complex Chronic Patients

Healthcare providers and their organizations are being pulled in many different directions: They're being asked to more efficiently manage care on the population level, while simultaneously delivering highly individualized care (and being graded on their patients' experience). They're pressured to standardize care delivery to reduce costly variation while also personalizing care to retain patients. And they face the dual imperatives of streamlining and consolidating resources while expanding offerings to improve patient access and convenience. In this presentation, you’ll learn how MEDITECH's web based EHR provides tools and workflows to assist in efficiently and effectively coordinating care and managing chronic patient populations.  Carol Labadini is leading the way for physicians to deliver the most advanced, patient-centric care to their communities. As the Associate Vice President in charge of MEDITECH’s Ambulatory EHR, she guides the, implementation, and support of our intuitive, web-based solutions for clinicians. After earning her Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management degree, Ms. Labadini managed a physician practice for several years. Keenly aware of how important it was to communicate and share patient results with network hospitals, Ms. Labadini joined MEDITECH in 1991, taking on a key role in the implementation and support of our integrated software solutions. Ms. Labadini was instrumental in ensuring the smooth transition during MEDITECH’s merger with LSS Data Systems. She successfully aligned our Minnesota staff with our Massachusetts-based facilities, and incorporated company-wide best practices across every department and has lead the team implementing our new Web based Ambulatory EHR. Ms. Labadini is also a respected mentor to staff. She leads regular education sessions throughout MEDITECH, to share her real-world experience and expertise.

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