1121 - The Hold Queue and Transfer Routine: How it Can Be Used to Improve Workflow, Patient Safety, and CPOE Utilization

Even after computerized provider order entry was introduced, the challenges of fitting it into the workflow of a healthcare organization have proven to be challenging. From best of breed systems, to the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, getting providers to enter orders electronically has never been a black and white process. MEDITECH has always been on the forefront of these changes, and its newest functionality of the Transfer and Hold Queue have allowed providers to be more flexible with the system, provide better patient care, and most importantly, provide safer care. John Vergato has over 10 years of implementation, optimization, and sales experience with Healthcare Information Systems, specializing in MEDITECH. He has implemented systems both from the vendor and consulting perspectives in addition to having acted as a Marketing Consultant. John has a distinct understanding of the MEDITECH environment, assisting in the support and implementation of all sizes of organizations, from critical access hospitals through Independent Delivery Networks with 14 facilities. In addition to implementation assistance, Mr. Vergato has led multiple streamline (quick implementations) Pharmacy accounts and also handled large CMS installs. John has experience with MAGIC, C/S, 6.0 and 6.15 READY, full service implementations, optimizations, migrations, updates, and end-user support.

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