1117 - Connect Your Smart Pumps to MEDITECH

Union Hospital is in the final stages of interfacing our smart pumps to the MEDITECH system. This session will cover the details of our journey so you can benefit from our experience. Connecting your smart pumps to MEDITECH is complex. It’s a multi-disciplinary effort that requires significant FTE resource commitment, and it can take 6-9 months (or more) to implement. But the benefits are great — you’ll reduce errors and adverse events, save nurses time, and you could significantly increase reimbursements.   This session will take a look at what makes smart pump integration with MEDITECH so complex, and offer insights into ways to tackle each challenge. Topics to be covered include:

Pamela Swarny, RPh, PharmD, JD, has 36 years of pharmacy experience, and has been the Director of Clinical Pharmacy at Union Hospital since 2002. In that role, Pam serves as the Pharmacist in Charge and is responsible for the financial, clinical, and operational activities of Union Hospital’s inpatient pharmacy, anticoagulation clinic, and outpatient retail pharmacy. Jeff McGeath, Senior VP of Software Solutions, Iatric Systems, has 18 years of healthcare IT experience, 10 of which have been dedicated to integrating medical devices — smart pumps, vital sign monitors, and others — with EHRs. Jeff is a long-standing member of Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (a/k/a IHE), and he was recently co-chair of IHE’s Patient Care Device Integration Committee

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