1085 - Problem List Management

This presentation provides a platform to discuss governance of the problem list within the MEDITECH EHR. Topics such as problem list ownership, organizational policies, workflow and potential barriers across the continuum of care, and how to identify next steps in utilizing the problem list will be introduced. Enhancements to the Web Ambulatory and Web Acute software to streamline provider workflow will also be showcased. Pat Derochea is a Senior Applications Analyst supporting MEDITECH's Physician Documentation and Problem List products. For the past seven years he has worked in the 5.x Client Services division supporting customers, conducting trainings, and informing product development. Janet Desroche is a Senior Director at MEDITECH. She has been with the company for over 30 years.  She oversees MEDITECH’s EHR Excellence programs, MEDITECH's physician consultant program, MEDITECH’s Clinical Leadership Preparedness program, clinical content development, and is one of leadership team members overseeing MEDITECH’s READY implementation methodology. Janet’s passion is working with healthcare providers and organizations to improve EHR related workflows and outcomes. Janet’s background prior to MEDITECH was in teaching, computer science and education.

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