1082 - Driving Quality and Efficiency with MEDITECH 6.1 Standard Content

The 6.1 standard content that MEDITECH delivers is the foundation for workflows that support user efficiency and improved outcomes, as well as quality reporting and analytics.  During this session, we will describe MEDITECH's strategy and methodology around the provisioning of evidence and common practice clinical content during a READY implementation, and how we version content for ongoing update deliveries based on changing evidence and best practices.  We will further describe how decision support is embedded into the standard content library. Janet Desroche is a Senior Director at MEDITECH. She has been with the company for over 30 years.  She oversees MEDITECH’s EHR Excellence programs, MEDITECH's physician consultant program, MEDITECH’s Clinical Leadership Preparedness program, clinical content development, and is one of leadership team members overseeing MEDITECH’s READY implementation

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