1067 - 6.15 RCG Chargemaster - Is it Being Used Wisely?

The Charge Master in MEDITECH 6.15 is very robust and is a critical link to many other modules and system functionality. Upon completing two 6.15 implementations, we have learned many lessons regarding the CDM set up and maintenance in MEDITECH 6.15. Hear the lessons learned by reviewing the Charge Master and all the functionality directly linked to the Procedure Code Dictionary/CDM. Barbara DaRosa has over 20 years of implementation, optimization, analysis, and pre-sales experience with several MEDITECH consulting companies. She has worked in several MEDITECH facilities including Jordan Hospital and Caritas Christi (now Steward Hospital).  Her MEDITECH focus has been Revenue Cycle specializing in RCG/BAR, ADM/ABS, and the general financial modules. Barbara has worked on all MEDITECH and has participated on a 6.15 Pathways implementation and 6.15 READY implementation.   Barbara is READY Certified in MEDITECH’s RCG/CLAIMS, and project management. She has hands-on experience with numerous applications including ABS, ADM, RCG/BAR, CLAIMS, GL, MM, PP, ESS, NPR, and MIS

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