1061 - Not Getting the Most from Your Implementation Investment is Like Kissing Frogs!

Many organizations fall short of getting the most from their implementation investment because their end-user do not adequate utilize the system. In this fun interactive session, learn how to ensure true learning outcomes are obtained for your organization. Pitfalls to avoid as well as tips for success will be presented. Linda was the Director of Learning Solutions for Indiana University Health during their EHR implementation and will share true experiences from the trenches! Don't get stuck kissing frogs when learning participants fail to properly utilize your system. Instead, attend this session and learn how to obtain the crown of true learning outcomes! Linda Hainlen is the Director of Business Development at Sedona Learning Solutions. Linda brings more than 25 years of proven experience as an EHR software training manager, and enjoys working with designers and instructors to develop the best solutions for Sedona's clients. One of her favorite parts of the job? Seeing the "lightbulb" moment—that moment when training really clicks for users. Before joining the Sedona team, Linda served as Director of Learning Solutions for IU Health in Indianapolis, Indiana for 18 years. During that time, she was responsible for end-user training for all EHR implementations in IU Health facilities across the state. Under Linda’s leadership, her division at IU Health was awarded the highly prestigious ASTD Best award in 2011. Linda is a Kirkpatrick Certified Facilitator, and an international author and speaker. Her works include a white paper co-written with Jim Kirkpatrick on the topic of healthcare, and an American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) Infoline on “Designing Informal Learning” that made the top 50 best sellers and was translated into 83 languages.  She also co-wrote the very first ATD Healthcare TD at Work that was released in February 2015.

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