1051 - Taming Your Dose Alerts

Dose alerts are one of the most under optimized parts of the MEDITECH system.  Improper setup and optimization can lead to extreme alert fatigue.  A complete and in-depth understanding of how the formulary service vendors structure their data and how that data structure differs in the way it is loaded and utilized within the MEDITECH System is essential to have great success with dose alerts both in Pharmacy and in CPOE.  This presentation will take a deep dive into the formulary service vendor data structure, the corresponding data structure within the MEDITECH PHA system, and will give recommendations on the best options to set as well as provide a novel, simple method for optimization and continuous quality improvement in relationship to these alerts. Chuck Bedel is an experienced Informatics Pharmacist and consultant with robust breadth of clinical and build experiences with MEDITECH Magic, C/S, 6.x, and now Web Acute (installing at a Beta Site). This experience includes but is not limited to managing pharmacy dictionaries, clinical rule building, NPR reports, M-AT reports, FSV data reviews and loads, upgrades, go-lives, outside vendor integration (pumps, dispensing machines, etc.), end user support, general pharmacy practice evaluations, and pharmacy management/directing.  Chuck has been involved in multiple big bang go-lives, including but not limited to eight clinical cut-overs in three major health systems, one of which spanned four states and 24 hospitals. He has done cut-overs and go-lives for multiple HCIS vendors and has seen what works well and what causes significant delays.

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