1023 - Surveillance: A Focus on Patient Care

For the last two years, the Valley Health System has been using the Surveillance Module in MEDITECH 6.14 and 6.15 to monitor and detect patient populations throughout the hospital. This session will explore some of the new profiles that Valley has created such as COPD, AMI, Heart Failure, Early Warning Systems, Vaccine administration tracking and 40+ other profiles. We will also discuss some of the new features MEDITECH is working on such as Secure Texting, instance based rules, scoring systems and change in status rules Surveillance is a real-time pattern recognition tool that can be used as an “early identification and warning system” across all acute care populations. Currently a Project Specialist with the Valley Health system, Chris Neumann has worked in healthcare IT for 11 years with three of those years at Valley. Chris was the project lead during the 6.14 implementation for Quality, Risk, Surveillance, Environmental Services and Bed management and still supports those modules today.

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