1017 - Population Health MPA's in 6.1 - The Challenges, Obstacles and Dilemmas of Securing Access

Population Health, how do you handle MPA’s that restrict access to your facility, yet share patient information? In today’s healthcare community, the push for bridging the gap between inpatient, outpatient, and prevention is constantly evolving. We are consistently looking for a way to educate and treat our community, to prevent hospitalization. We are trying to place discharged patients in facilities, but they need access to the patient chart to appropriately make decisions. Where does the need for information intersect with the security from exposure? We have had to be extremely creative in developing MPA’s for other facilities, non-licensed community health care workers, and care managers who follow patients after discharge in avoiding readmissions. Come find out how to blur the lines between specific modules, so that there is no danger of security breech. Jerree Atkins has been a RN for over 20 years at Frederick Regional Health System. She started in step down unit as a RN and transitioned to IS part time in 2005. She worked mainly with RN workflows in the MEDITECH Magic system until the update to the 6.x platform. For this, she took project lead for Care Management software in its beta form. She is still lead for CM module, and backup on PCS, but after 3½ years, she is slightly more knowledgeable in a few other modules. Her work with CM has stretched all the boundaries in MPA building.

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