1009 - Improving Mental Health Care Delivery with 6.15 Functionality

In 2015, Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) partnered with another specialized mental hospital to establish a shared standardized Electronic Health Record (EHR), utilizing a shared system and a single, shared database on the MEDITECH 6.15 platform with the vision to leverage health IT to positively impact mental health care delivery. As part of the collaboration project, Ontario Shores was able to accelerate the transition from the 6.0 to the 6.1 platform and realize a number of quality improvement opportunities related to safety in the healthcare setting. Objectives:

Methodology/Approach Findings/Results Conclusion/Implications/Recommendations David Long began his healthcare career in 1995 as a Registered Practical Nurse, completed his Registered Nursing in 2005 and is a Canadian Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse. David’s career has been 20 years at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences where he began as frontline nursing in Forensic Mental Health and is currently in Clinical Informatics where he has been involved in Ontario Shores journey from a paper record to the first HIMSS Stage 7 Behavior Health Organization internationally. David has involvement in all of the MEDITECH Administrative and Clinical Applications at Ontario Shores, and provides leadership and guidance to the organization and peers.  David was a Lead for the recent MEDITECH 6.15 upgrade and provided oversight and leadership for the redevelopment of all the Administrative applications.

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