1005 - Connecting All the Dots - 6.1 MEDITECH Migration of Interfaces/Integration

At Calvert Memorial Hospital (CMH), we were migrating from the Magic environment to MEDITECH 6.15. Our environment was built over many years and was pieced together with NMI Interfaces and older point to point connections. We had most of our interfaces running through an integration engine, but not all. So how do you migrate and handle more than 100 interface connections and get it all done on time with few resources? We will share how we were successful in our endeavor and you too can migrate your integration over to 6.X. Nancy Trawick has been working in Calvert Memorial Hospital for almost 30 years and has been working with Information systems since 1991. She implemented her first interface in 1999 and has since become the Systems Integration Manager overseeing almost 40 NMI connections and more than 90 connections on the Interface Engine.

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